Music for KS3+

The Music Services Services for Schools 2022-23 includes exciting new music programmes and a varied cultural programme to support your delivery of the new National Plan for Music as part of a curriculum of excellence.

MIDAS & Preparing for Ofsted

Music Improvement, Development and Support Visits: Supporting and Developing the Music Curriculum. Local Authority Maintained, Academy, and Free schools can arrange a FREE professional conversation with a trained and accredited MIDAS officer to discuss and assess their music provision in school.

Access to Music with Live Music Now

Be mesmerised on Musical Mondays, improve mental health and well-being with Including Me, and immerse your pupils in relaxed inclusive in-person visits.

Musical Mondays: A monthly live concert broadcast to your school

Including Me: bespoke programmes for SEND pupils

Live Music Now: In person musician visits to schools

Creative Technologies in Music

Open the DAWS – ways into Music Production. Record sound and create compositions with a Music Services Music Tech tutor for a Sonic Postcard.

First Access Staccato (KS3)

Staccato, a musical term meaning short and detached, is our new First Access programme that provides pupils the opportunity to take part in tuition on a musical instrument for a term.

First Access Sostenuto (KS3)

Sostenuto, a musical term meaning sustained, is our popular First Access programme that provides pupils the opportunity to take part in a sustained and progressive period of tuition on a musical instrument for an academic year.

Instrumental, Vocal, and Music Technology Tuition

Small group and individual lessons delivered in school

Secondary Schools Support for KS3 – KS5

Additional support for music students through composition workshops, recording sessions for young people preparing for exams, music theory lessons or tailored support.

Music for All – for children with SEND
This programme focuses on music for children with SEND, and for pupils who would benefit from increasing their confidence and sense of achievement.

Group Music Making Activities

Working with individual or consortium schools to develop and deliver vocal, instrumental, and creative Music groups in their location

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