Creative Technologies

Creative Technologies in Music

Grant-funded CPD and Music Curriculum Delivery in one!

Suitable for: KS2 and KS3,4&5

Cost & subsidy: £400 for each half-term

This programme is partially subsidised through the Music Education Grant to support
teacher CPD Sonic Postcard programme

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Open the DAWS (and other ways) into Music Production with IT. Go super Sonic with exciting creative technologies in music to engage and inspire new gen musicians. Music Services programmes to enable young people to discover the world of music and music production

Choose this programme:

  • To provide CPD for colleagues to develop their skills andexperiences in using music
    technology in creative and innovative ways in the classroom.
  • For students to enjoy sourcing and recording sound, learning about sound manipulation, composition and music production using standard IT equipment available in school.

Sonic Postcards

Recording sound and creating compositions for KS2&3. Students work with a Music Services Music Tech tutor to source and record sound samples. Once the field work of recording sound is captured, students use these sound samples to explore composition and musical form and create a piece of music that is an audio representation of a place.

Students will:

  • Source and recording sound samples (field recording) and workshop ideas and composition techniques to create chosen sounds into a composition that is an audio representation of a place.
  • Explore ‘sound diffusion’, the performance element of the Sonic Postcard programme, and perform / showcase their finished Sonic Art

Programme Delivery Model

  • Weekly one-hour session with a Music Services Music Tech tutor in school for a half-term (6 week) or full term (12 week) programme of work.
  • Class (or other selected group) and their teacher record and collate sound, and produce the recorded field samples as a composition within a sonic postcard. A deeper level of production skill and understanding by the pupils will take place over the longer one-term programme.
  • Participating schools need access to basic recording devices and be able to download free-ware music tech programmes such as Audacity onto computers. This programme can also be developed through school IPads with the Garage Band App.

A-DAW-able CPD for you

Suitable for: For adults who want to develop their skills in using Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) with their students.

Cost & Subsidy:

This programme is partially subsidised through the Music Education Grant to support teacher CPD.
£100 per course participant

Join our Music Tech experts for a short-course for adult beginners. Use DAWs and develop your ability to incorporate music production into learning programmes for your students. We will use freeware such as Cakewalk and/or Bandlab to explore how to find your way around the programmes and use them to:

  • Record and edit audio using sequenced and live sound.
  • Play virtual (MIDI) instruments.
  • Explore and experiment with pre-programmed audio effects.
  • Mix and master your work into a finished product.

Programme Delivery

  • This is a short-course CPD programme delivered online using Teams.
  • 12 learning sessions, 60 minutes per session.
  • A minimum of 7 participants is required to run this course. Maximum of 12 participants per group.
  • Participants will be grouped with colleagues from similar settings where possible (e.g. Primary colleagues and Secondary colleagues).
  • This will be run as after-school twilight sessions. You can indicate on the booking form the school term and days of week that best suits you to attend this course. Due to timetabling constraints of our tutors, we may not be able to guarantee you your first choices.