Whole Class Music Technology

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Whole-class Music Technology

Discover the world of music and music production through technology. This half-term programme will be led by a Music Tech Tutor using easily available free software including Audacity, Garage Band, Cakewalk and Bandlab.

Use music technology in innovative ways in the classrooom to create music digitally - sourcing and recording sound, learning about sound manipulation, composition and music production using standard IT equipment available in your school.

We offer programmes suitable for Primary and Secondary settings.

Key Features

Flexible: our tutors can work with you to create a project that suits your group needs and technology

Creating Music: compose, record and collate sound, and produce the recorded field samples as a composition.

Supporting National Exams: eg. GCSE and A Level composition

CPD: Teachers can learn about Music Tech with their class, or sign up for online CPD.

Inclusive: Whole Class teaching ensures that every child is included.

Delivery Details

Lesson length: 1 hour

Weekly for 6 sessions

Group Size: 1 class



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Suitable for: KS2 / KS3 / KS4-5 / Alternative Provision 

Progression Pathways:

Small group lessons (specialist instrumental, vocal and music tech tuition

Workshops with specialist Hub Partners

Vocal Workshop Keswick Mixer Reduced
+ School Requirements (click for more info)

  • You will need to provide IT equipment including basic recording devices, computers or tablets, and download free music tech programmes. 
  •  A member of your school staff is needed to support the delivery of the programme – with the opportunity to develop their own skills