First Access Staccato

First Access Staccato

Whole Class Instrumental Teaching for 1 Term

Suitable for: KS1 / KS2 / KS3 / Alternative Provision / SEND

Cost & subsidy:

  • £700 for one term of classroom tuition + additional two-terms CPD for self-supported delivery
  • £500 for each additional term of delivered tuition (e.g. for multi form entry schools)
  • Packages for additional year groups in school can be purchased at the full programme delivery cost of £1,700 per term

This programme is heavily subsidised through the Music Education Grant. Each school applying to participate will be able to access the programme for one year group (mixed year-groups for small schools)

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Our new inclusive short course, one-term model for First Access. Grant-subsidised programme for music instrument learning.


Choose First Access Staccato when:

  • Your school is new to First Access or your music budget limits access to the full-year programme.
  • You want to build a short one-term delivery model of whole class instrumental teaching into your school’s progressive music curriculum plan.
  • 45 minutes curriculum delivery time per class, per week (and a member of staff to support the delivery of the programme) for the term is available.
  • You want a programme for your children that is delivered on classroom based instruments e.g. Ukulele; Djembe; Recorder; Glockenspiels.
  • Your school is committed to children’s cultural entitlement and the principles outlined within the National Plan for Music Education.

First Access Staccato Instruments:

Drumming e.g. Djembe or Samba


Percussion e.g. Boomwhackers, Glockenspiels, Orff Sets, or Rhythm Sticks



Including innovative instruments ideal for younger players, and instruments suitable for SEND pupils.

We are happy to advise which instruments will best suit your group

Staccato, a musical term meaning short and detached, is our First Access programme that provides pupils the opportunity to take part in tuition on a musical instrument for a term.

The National Plan for Music Education asks Music Education Hubs to: Ensure that every child aged 5-18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (other than voice) through whole-class ensemble teaching programmes for ideally a year (but for a minimum of a term) of weekly tuition on the same instrument.

Our First Access Instrumental Teaching programme involves every child in the experience of live music making and ensemble playing. It enables all children to succeed through playing, listening, and performing, including those whose only chance to experience learning a musical instrument might be through this opportunity provided at school, or who need additional support for other reasons.

Programme Delivery Model

  • Weekly sessions of 45 minutes duration per class, delivered by a specialist music tutor for one academic term (ten sessions minimum, twelve maximum).
  • Includes FREE Charanga membership for every teacher in school and access to Charanga resource training session. This interactive web-based teaching and learning music resource is worth £195 – £295 per year.
  • The Music Service will supply one class-set of musical instruments for the duration of the programme (subject to availability).
  • End of term performance for parents or in-school achievement assembly.
  • Access to local area music centres.
  • On-line CPD support to enable class teachers to deliver a further two-terms of tuition through a supported self-delivery model

At the point of completing the booking form you will be asked to rank the school terms, and instrument choices according to your delivery preference. Due to timetabling constraints and resource availability, we may not be able to guarantee delivery of your first choices.

Make a quick request for this because:

  • 2022-23 Funding available for up to 123 programmes in individual schools (first-come-first-served basis)
  • The programme reach will be extended in subsequent years