Online Musical Instrument Demos

Online Musical Instrument Demos: Meet our Musicians

Do you find it difficult to organise a live music session with professional musicians for your school? We can offer you a personalised demonstration and discussion with our musicians who will visit your classroom online.

What’s on Offer:

  • A FREE 30 minute online session with one or two of our teachers
  • They will perform a short concert to demonstrate their instruments
  • They will talk about their instruments and how sound is produced
  • Pupils will have an opportunity to ask questions
  • Groups or classes of up to 35 pupils per session
  • Cost: we can offer this free of charge supported through DfE, Arts Council funding

Arts Awards

These sessions could contribute to Arts Awards Discover where children from age 5 collect evidence about artists and their work or Arts Award Explore for children aged 7 upwards to experience artists’ work.

Music Recovery Package


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