Music in Schools Terms and Conditions 2023/24

Music in Schools 2023/24: Terms and Conditions

Important Information & Guidance for Schools

Tuition Charges from September 2023: 

Costs of our package programmes, and hourly rates for school music groups and instrumental, vocal, and music technology tuition can be found on our Music Services website

School Instrument Set Hire and Instrument Lease Scheme

For instrument hire and return details please click the link to Instrument Hire

Alteration to SLAs during the year: 

We require written confirmation of any change by email to

We have set periods for notice to change your provision:

  • September changes can be made during September to allow for provision to settle down. We require confirmation of all changes in written format.
  • Spring Term alterations to be notified to us by the start of the Autumn half term 
  • Summer Term alterations to be notified to us by the start of the Spring half term 
  • Autumn Term Bookings for the new academic year are taken. Staff and instruments are allocated in the Summer Term for the following academic year.


  • We invoice for payment on a monthly basis in arrears apart from February when we invoice for March in advance. 
  • We will charge you for the actual sessions delivered. We will not charge for sessions that we are unable to deliver. We will charge you for sessions cancelled by you. 
  • We follow Cumberland / Westmorland & Furness Councils school term dates for invoicing.

Organisation of lessons and pupil attendance:

The school has a joint responsibility with the Music Service for the organisation of lessons and pupil attendance. The school will identify a named contact person with responsibility for exchanging information with the visiting teacher(s), including pupil attendance, attainment and individual learning needs.

  • The school must make Music Services staff aware of pupils’ medical or SEND requirements before lessons commence.
  • At the beginning of each term, inform the visiting teacher(s) of any weeks when school trips, tests etc. may interfere with delivery.
  • Instrumental/Vocal Lessons provided by Music Services are generally 30 mins long; in certain circumstances and to accommodate a school, lessons may be shorter however any 20-minute lesson you ask our teaching staff to deliver will be for individual pupils only and any 25 minute lesson will be for a maximum of 2 pupils.

Group Size:

We recommend groups of no more than 6 pupils for instrumental teaching to ensure each learner receives good quality input.

Accommodation, Health and Safety in Schools:

Whilst appreciating the constraints on space in many schools, the location and conditions in which music service staff work should be suitable for the purpose of music tuition. Teaching spaces should have:

  • Sufficient space appropriate to the group and instruments being taught 
  • Visual access, through a window or glass-panelled door 
  • Adequate heating, lighting and ventilation 
  • Sufficient chairs and tables, if required
  • A clear notice describing emergency exit routes 
  • Emergency procedures, for example, in the case of a fire or if a pupil is taken ill. 

Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005:

We are required to ensure that suitable risk assessments are carried out and that relevant control measures are in place for staff.


The necessary resources for teaching should be available, including:

  • Music stands in working condition 
  • Access to a photocopier for copying worksheets, practice sheets, registers etc. 
  • A CD/digital player/sound system 
  • Access to interactive boards for whole class and large group teaching 
  • Ideally, a piano or touch-sensitive keyboard with full-sized keys or access to sound system
  • Electrical equipment should be regularly checked and maintained. 

Charging & Remission Policy 

  • The regulations set out the circumstances in which parents can be charged for music tuition during the school day. The aim of these is to open up opportunities to provide greater access to pupils for vocal and instrumental tuition. These Regulations are "The Charges for Music Tuition) (England) Regulations 2007" (1 September 2007). 
  • If you choose to pass on charges for lessons then similarly there should be a remissions policy that has been agreed by your governing body. 
  • The regulations also state that no school should make a profit from the charging of lessons. 

Quality and Review:

The Music Service places great importance on the professional operations, development and support of its staff. We ensure that all Insurance and HMRC compliance is in place for peripatetic music tuition delivered by the service in and out of schools.

  • All contracted staff comply with Safer Recruitment principles. They undertake the statutory INSET training and are subject to an annual performance management review under the terms and conditions for centrally employed teachers. Individual needs are identified and addressed through this process. 
  • Tutors commissioned on a freelance basis are also compliant with Insurance and HMRC guidance for peripatetic music tuition in schools, and are fully DBS checked for the Children and Young Peoples’ workforce.
  • In addition, all tutors delivering services on behalf of the Music Service receive regular visits and support from a member of the music service management team. 
  • Naturally we welcome any feedback from schools that will help us improve and develop the service.

Deployment of Instrumental / Curriculum Teachers:

We aim to maximise teaching and minimise travel for more efficient timetabling both for your school and the Music Service staff. We aspire to provide what you require, but there may be occasions where this is not possible due to staffing limitations. We will contact you to discuss options if this situation arises. We are unable to guarantee any requests for named teachers or for specific teaching times/days. We will continue to try to meet your requests.

Cover for Absence: 

When a member of teaching staff is absent, or likely to be absent, for a period exceeding 4 delivery weeks or more, we will seek to cover the work. Finding high quality delivery staff is extremely challenging in Cumbria as you will appreciate) and we are not currently in a position to offer immediate cover.