First Thing Music

First Thing Music

Grant-funded CPD and Music Curriculum Delivery in one!

Suitable for: EY/FS and KS1

Cost & subsidy: £750 for two teachers/practitioners (FS/KS1) per school

FTM is grant-funded by CMS from the Music Education Grant

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Developing confidence in delivering music through a child-centred discovery model using the Kodály principles of Prepare, Present, Practice.

Choose First Thing Music when:

  • School staff can dedicate 1hr p/week for 30 weeks to CPD delivered through online tutorials (out of school hours).
  • The structure of the
  • Find out more at: school day will allow teachers and pupils involved to spend a minimum of 4 sessions p/week delivering 10-15 minutes of music in the morning at the start of the day.
  • The school community might have a high % FSM.
  • The school wants to improve both pro-social behaviour in children and develop oracy and reading progress through music.

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  • Supports the Model Music Curriculum and EYFS learning goals and other areas of the curriculum, e.g. literacy, through concept pairs; embodied use of vocabulary; using underlying beat and rhythmic feel to anchor interpretation of language.
  • FTM builds on the Education Endowment Fund and Royal Society of Arts research that evaluated the impact of 10-minute daily Kodály-inspired music sessions on the development outcomes of Year 1 children. The study found between one month and three months’ extra reading progress, (using the PIRA test), over one year in the intervention group in comparison with the ‘control’ group. Development outcomes in children’s pro-social skills also demonstrated positive impact through this programme.
  • FTM research is continuing to track the mechanisms in music skills development and their relationship with wider development processes, working with EYFS and KS1 teachers.

Programme Delivery Model

  • Weekly CPD delivered through on-line communities of practice (4 schools, with 8 teachers – 2 per school)
  • Active CPD Sessions – 2 participants per school allows a ‘play partner’ approach. Practical experience of the musical activities is gained before trying them out with the children, and professional discussion around common experiences is.
  • Preparation and study sessions undertaken before on-line tutorials, with some short assignments.
  • Classroom practice through regular ‘little and often’ 10-15 minutes music sessions delivered by class teachers to their children throughout the week.
  • Full resource pack of materials and access to the FTM CPD website.
  • Ongoing support provided throughout the year from the Music Service FTM Team.

Make a quick request for this because:

  • We are limited to accepting 32 schools (2 teachers per school) to participate in this subsidised CPD during this ‘roll-out’ year in Cumbria.
  • Priority booking will be given to schools with over 25% FSM pupils.
  • The programme reach will be extended in subsequent years.